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We realize maintaining your driveway or parking lot can be a big decision. Let us help maintain it for you.
We are a Top-Tier Asphalt Maintenance Company
Driveway and Parking Lot Needs Are Met With “Never-Over” estimates and the highest quality materials we can offer. With years of experience  and a certificate with the University of Wisconsin in Maintaining Asphalt Pavements, we take pride in our great workmanship and Customer Relations.

Proper asphalt maintenance can prolong the life of your asphalt by up to 30 Years with a proper maintenance schedule.  SealMaster and University of Wisconsin both use graphs showing and explaining how this is possible.



We offer various services to fulfill your parking lot needs, including asphalt sealcoating, patching, striping to crack filling.


We can help you with the process of asphalt maintenance for your driveway saving you money and time.

Crack Filling

The process of filling cracks in a asphalt surface with a hot-melt oil-based liquid-applied rubber sealant to keep water from getting into the cracks, thus causing erosion and crack freeze-expansion.


Patching a pothole or area, means filling a hole or blemish in asphalt with a patching material to correct asphalt loss. Sometimes material is removed from the pothole and replaced correctly.


A process in which a small layer of liquid asphalt emulsion is applied to an asphalt surface to protect it from oxidation, erosion, freeze cracking, and water penetration, and give it a “Pleasing to the Eye” finish!​


Striping asphalt is the process of painting parking lines. We can paint new parking line, logos, arrows, handicap logos, and more on asphalt. A well striped parking lot ensures safety.

Service Area

Wis-Coat Asphalt Maintenance provides asphalt sealcoating, crack filling, striping, and patching for:

Lone Rock, Black River Falls, Tomah, Platteville, Middleton, and surrounding areas in Wisconsin

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