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 Whether the asphalt developed a pot-hole from a low spot, or from cracking that cause pieces of the asphalt to break-away and come free, pot-holes are an eye-sore, trip hazard, auto hazard and an immediate cause for losing the integrity of your asphalt surface, if left un-patched.

 Wis-Coat uses top of the line, DOT Approved, asphalt road patch material for smaller holes. We compress this patch with a plate compactor to ensure that the proper compaction is applied that is desired, to promote longevity and life of the patch.

 When a larger needs patching, Wis-Coat uses asphalt saws to cut and create a clean line for removal of the broken asphalt, and create a nice crisp edge where the new asphalt will be placed. Wis-Coat normally uses “Hot-Mix Asphalt” to replace the lost asphalt in these areas, to ensure the proper adhesion, hardness and compaction, meets or exceeds the pre-existing asphalt around it.

 If the patch needs hot-rubber around the outside to ensure an even better seal, we can obviously do that as well. Wis-Coat wants to make sure that after an area is patched, the integrity of the asphalt is no longer compromised, and the asphalt area is as good as new.

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