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 As an asphalt driveway or parking lot ages erosion and oxidization process sets in. This can occur even after a couple years. Erosion and oxidation begin causing aggregate loss and microscopic cracking to develop, which as time goes on, gradually increase to hairline cracks, which increase to larger cracks.

 Sealcoating can prevent and slow this process down. The key to prolonging the life of an asphalt surface is to maintain a proper maintenance schedule which can easily double the life of the surface.

 The first step in maintaining your pavement, is to start with sealcoating. A process in which a small layer of liquid asphalt emulsion is applied to an asphalt surface, through spraying or broom applications, to protect it from oxidation, erosion, freeze cracking and water penetration and give it a Uniform, “Pleasing to the Eye”, deep black finish; that protects your asphalt.

 We also take pride in our attention to detail, we care as much about your asphalt and everything around it, as you do. We take extra precautions to prevent over spray and splatter from happening on your buildings, landscape, sidewalks or anything else that surrounds your pavement.

 We also like to work with owners of homes and businesses to ensure that the process in convenient and as headache-free as possible. This process will need to be repeated over a proper maintenance schedule, but Wis-Coat can develop one that offers the maximum protection available at an affordable price.

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