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Driveway & Parking Lot Sealcoating

Here at Wis-Coat, an amazing asphalt maintenance company located in Mauston, Wisconsin, we can help satiate your asphalt maintenance service needs, whether they be residential driveways or commercial parking lots. Our clients’ needs are our first priority, and we make sure to put them first before anything else.

If you decide to work with us here at Wis-Coat, you can expect free estimates, friendly customer service, and flexible scheduling, meaning your time with us will be nothing but pleasant. Our time spent on your projects will be spent meaningfully, and you can expect great service with our high-quality materials and well-trained workers.

Driveway & Parking Lot Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating helps defend asphalt surfaces by adding a second layer of defense over it. The process guards the asphalt against things like water, sunlight, or automotive chemicals.

We suggest sealcoating your asphalt pavement three times a year. Here’s why:

  • Your asphalt pavement’s lifespan will increase, protecting your investment for longer. Unprotected asphalt only lives around 10-15 years, while sealcoated asphalt can live up to 30.
  • Your asphalt pavement will look significantly nicer, going from a drab, gray color to a nice looking deep black color.
  • It protects your asphalt from water, meaning your pavement will be safe from water penetrating into the subbase layer.

Sealcoating can help prevent issues caused by oxygen, water, sunlight, oils, gas, and transmission fluids before they even happen.

Parking Lot Striping

 Striping a parking lot is something all residential lot owners must do. If you want your lot to be accessible, maximize parking space and keep traffic flowing, you’ll want to come to us for your parking lot striping needs. With our striping services, you can feel confident that vehicles will be maneuvering through your parking lot safely.

Parking lot striping isn't an easy job, however. It takes quite a bit of planning to ensure that the striping job was done right. Here’s what we offer:

  • ADA Compliance

Parking lot striping must adhere to requirements set by the ADA Act, but we can deal with that for you. Our planning will make sure that the striping layout meets the ADA guidelines and stays that way during restriping.

  • Traffic Management

Parking lot striping assists vehicles in knowing where to go, how to enter and leave, and prevents accidents.

  • Parking Lot Optimization

For larger lots, if you think your lot could fit more vehicles, we can help.

Pothole Repair/Asphalt Patching

Potholes may seem insignificant and small, but if left unchecked they can grow to larger and larger sizes and can be a problematic safety hazard for both vehicles and pedestrians alike. We offer two solutions for asphalt repair. Small potholes during the colder seasons will be temporarily repaired with “cold patch” material, while other potholes will be repaired with a permanent “hot patch” asphalt mix.

Asphalt Crack Sealer

Your parking lot or driveway may begin to crack as it gets older. These cracks can let water seep into the subbase of your asphalt, weakening the entire structure. These cracks can be sealed with hot liquid rubber, preventing water infiltration.

Parking Lot Maintenance

We offer a lot of parking lot maintenance services, not just sealcoating and striping. Our services can help keep your parking lot safe and looking nice. Here’s what we can help with:

  • Parking blocks
  • Bollards
  • Speed bumps
  • Signage

Why Choose Wis-Coat?

Working with Wis-Coat, you can expect nothing but excellent service all around. Residential homeowners and commercial parking lot owners alike can get great use of our services, and our impeccable staff will make sure that our time together leads to excellent results.

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