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Spring Rush

The National Pavement Expo is held every February. It was in Cleveland, Ohio this year and I was blessed to be a speaker at this year’s event. The funny thing is, that wasn’t the best part for me.

Contractors from all over the country flock to this event, and this was the first year that I had met many people whom I have become friends with online. So when we met, we hit the ground running and conversations took off where we had left.

Questions about Family were asked, introductions to friends were made, equipment was talked about, techniques questioned and improved, future plans were made and the anticipation of the “Spring Rush” started to take effect.

Spring, in our industry that word takes on a meaning and life of its own. Primarily here at Wis-Coat, that usually means grabbing a piece of equipment or two that we seen or heard about at the NPE (National Pavement Expo), and getting in contact with our “Repeat” Customers for the season to see who is on board for the summer.

Cold Weather

 This year however, we realized early on that the Winter, though mild, had taken a toll on the pavement surfaces in our service area and we were getting calls for Estimates and Services by the end of February. The extended cold temperatures and weekly covering of snow wasn’t helping the matters. It is hard to diagnose the issues when you cant really see the pavement, besides the above average amount of pot-holes, and the colder temperatures make it hard to get clients out to discuss the issues on the pavement surface with you.

Though all these issues could inhibit us, we were patient. With the Weather and with our Customers. The last thing we want to do is make the process a thorn in the side of our customers and make getting the service started, tedious. So just like in the summer when we watch the forecast to dodge the rain, we would watch the forecast to find out when the sun was shining and the temperature would be the best to visit sites for visits and estimates.

This process seemed to work well all around, as we are heading into this summer with our largest workload ever to start. We have many Commercial properties that are going to be transformed into some great looking, and protected, areas. As well as some driveways that are going to return to a functioning order, while adding some instant curb appeal.

We are prepared at Wis-Coat. New Line Striping and Crack-Filling Equipment, Check. Orders locked in with the industries leading Manufacturers, Check. Dates and amounts fine tuned with the highest quality distributors, check. More help hired to tackle the expanding client base, check. A higher desire to deliver the best quality workmanship, attention to detail possible and compassion to care about our customers investment in their pavement, Check.

Marvin Joles III


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